Committed to your health and well-being.

At Comprehensive Chiropractic we take a multidimensional approach to your care

We offer a variety of soft tissue techniques, chiropractic adjustments, and rehabilitation in office. We don’t require you to sign on for lengthy treatment plans or buy a bunch of supplements. We utilize an evidence based approach based on scientific research, clinical experience, and patient preference. Our goal is to help you reach all of your health goals.

Our Services

Helping Others

Dr. Knox is a US Army veteran and he is very passionate about helping his fellow service men and women. He is an ongoing provider of care to homeless veterans at the Stand Down events. Now Dr. Knox and Dr. Wagner offer all military veterans and active duty a discount on chiropractic services.

Dr. Wagner and Dr. Knox have also traveled abroad to give care to people to people in need.

Dr. Roxanne Wagner

Dr. Roxanne Wagner is a licensed Chiropractic Physician who graduated Cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida for her doctorate degree. She has known she wanted to be a Chiropractor since she was 16 years old and has been working towards that goal ever since.


Dr. Bradley Knox

Dr. Bradley Knox is a licensed Chiropractic Physician who graduated Cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida for his doctorate degree. Dr. Knox is certified in CCSP – Sports and MDT – Sciatica (auto). Dr. Knox has wanted to become a chiropractor since a young age after witnessing the perils of unnecessary surgery and medication in his family.



Comprehensive Chiropractic enjoys working sporting events such as triathlons, muay thai, football, tennis, and many more.

Being involved in the community and giving people the help they need is important to Comprehensive Chiropractic. To the doctors Chiropractic is not just about the adjustment. Chiropractic is a lifestyle change and the doctors are there to help you achieve your goals.

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